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Development of a process to produce construction materials from contaminated wastes by inertisation in stable mineral phases


State of the art in solid waste treatment is the deposition of problematic waste in special deposits at costs of 200 - 600 ECU / ton. Existing waste treatment processes are basically not commercially viable compared to the deposition. This is true even for advanced plasma treatment ('Plasma Torch'), which is expensive and in practice, the glass material created is often not stable against elution of heavy metals and thus also needs special deposits. The objective of the project is to develop a new thermal treatment process with comparably low costs which will transform problematic wastes with basic mineral structure into dense, stable and inert products with a crystalline structure (not a glass!). This offers the possibility of developing for the first time a process which could really transform problematic solid wastes into a material which can be deposited in the lowest waste class or ultimately be used for filling / construction materials (e. 9. roads, railway tracks). The envisaged innovation is that 1) inert materials with crystalline mineral structure shall be produced from contaminated solid wastes in a one step thermal treatment;2) materials could be deposited in normal landfills or ultimately be used as construction materials; 3) process equipment shall be simpler and less expensive; 4) co-firing of cheap waste fuels shall be possible.

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