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Enhanced efficiency and flexibility in building of small ships by application of concurrent engineering in CAD/CAM systems


Shipyards specialised in the building of small ships (5m < length <75m) are continuously under pressure, and strive to reduce delivery time, lower costs and improve quality. The opportunity to be taken advantage of is to join forces with experts on naval computer aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) , in order to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the shipbuilding process. The specific goals of the RTD project are to develop a set of specific CONCURRENT ENGINEERING CAD/CAE/CAM tools , in order to achieve : 1) a reduction of the delivery by at least 25%. 2) a reduction of the shipbuilding costs by at least 20%. 3) an improvement of the quality of the ship and the shipbuilding process. The validation of the capability and reliability of the developed CE CAD/CAE/CAM tools is done by the building of (elements of) a new ship. The anticipated vertically structured consortium consist of naval architects, naval engineers, shipbuilders, software developer and management of change engineers.

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Linssen Yachts B.V.
6050 AD Maasbracht

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