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High pressure long length hose


The company supply products to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. The main product supplied is a rubber flexible high pressure hose. A number of areas within this market could benefit from further material and production developments. Within the area the total range of products supplied varies from Rubber to Nylon and P.V.D.F. However there are a number of technical problems associated with the plastic product from a temperature and pressure effect combined with the gas or material environment that currently exists. The research and development would aim to produce an improved product for the existing and new market areas. The benefits of producing a rubber product would enable much higher working temperatures to be used within the most arduous conditions for the benefit new oil exploration techniques. To produce a prototype manufacturing machine which has the capacity to produce a pipe of some 200 m long at an acceptable quality to satisfy the current market standards. The long length pipe when produced will have to withstand high pressures high temperatures and the passing of a variety of gases in a submersible atmosphere. Additionally the technology would benefit a Communication Market where long length rubber hoses would be beneficial. This technology will be developed for the benefit of an Italian Partner whom we are seeking to become part of the Research Programme.

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