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Electric Remotely Operated Vehicle


The scientific and technical objectives are to develop a large fully electricalROV that will exceed the performance currently available from hydraulic ROVsystems. This will be achieved by using Electrics as opposed to Hydraulics inthree stages: 1) Optimising the Control System Design to achieve the requiredvehicle manoeuvrability and response in all directions. Currently 45 degreesper second on Hydraulic Vehicles to 120 degrees per second on the electricversion. 2) Optimise the design of the electric thrusters to achieve the target weight to thrust ratio of 3.4 KG per Kilo Newton thrust. 3) Optimise the HydroDynamics of the vehicle.

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Curvetech Engineering Ltd
Pitmedden Road
AB12 0DT Dyce - Aberdeen
United Kingdom

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Drago-Sub Sa
12-1-b,calle Andrea Doria
07014 Palma De Mallorca

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