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Exrremly hard cutting elements fixed on a flexible carrying material made of one piece


The development of a saw-chain armed with diamonds cutting edges has till now not been able to bring a favourable cost-performance ratio to the hard stone cutting technology. The further development of this technology is intended to increase the durability of the cutting elements by at least 100 %. By using new carrying materials we want to enhance the durability of the flexible carrying material made of one piece by 300 %. The development of new materials which are harder than diamond is already achieved, but still not in practical using. This development should bring a further increase of the durability. Moreover, a suitable fixation of the new material on the cutting elements has to be found, as well as the fixation of the cutting elements on the flexible carrying material.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


R. Prinz Komm. -Gesellschaft
3382 Loosdorf / Melk