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Development of chitosan-containing polyelectrolyte blends for medical applications


The aim of the project is to develop new polymer materials that have considerable potential for application in a number of areas in the biomedical field such as wound dressings, artificial ''skin'' for treatment of burns and drug-release systems. The novelty in the proposal is that the polymer materials will be intimate blends of chitosan with a number of other natural polymers such as alginic acid, heparin and hyaluronic acid. all of which are bioactive and it anticipated that considerably synergy will result from their combination. Such blends have been impossible to prepare to date because the chitosan interacts in solution with the other polymers listed to form insoluble precipitates which are neither readily soluble. nor mouldable by heat and pressure, so cannot be converted to usable forms. It is anticipated that a recently discovered novel method of solubilising chitosan will prevent this precipitation and allow intimate blends of chitosan with these other polymers to be produced for use in medical applications.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Danbiosyst Ltd
6,Highfields Science Park
NG7 2RQ Nottingham
United Kingdom