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Design of new heat-exchangers made of polymer


Reuse of wasted heat is an important source of savings for industries. But thisenergy can be recovered only thanks to a complex technology, dealing with heat exchange coefficients. It exists lots of technologies to reuse wasted heat, as evaporators, condensers, radiators, ... All those different examples gatheredunder the name of << heat-exchangers >>. Heat-exchangers must answer lots ofconstraints, depending on fluids temperature, their corrosive level theirflow-rate or pressure. if it is a Gas/Gas, Gas/Liquid or Liquid/Liquid system, ... And industrials need are getting harder and harder l or economical andecological reasons, and classical technologies using metal alloys or glass are no more effective enough Consequently, some industrials needs stay unsatisfied.Since ten years, polymer technology is developing a lot, and since 5 years, newpolymers has been set up which have very good characteristics either in thermalthan in mechanical domain. Forming and assembling methods have improved too,and it is possible today to obtain every kind of shape by injection, extrusion,... More, it is possible to weld polymers (hot or cold welding) as PTFE(TEFLON) or PVDF, so geometrical and assembling problems are finding solutions.Some heat-exchangers made of polymer have been developed for very specificwaiting, yet those solution didn't cover enough industrial needs to becompetitive. Consequently, until nowadays, polymer solutions did not found lotsof outlets (for the most ordinary uses), because of their price, in spite oftheir low wettability


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