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Development and application of super abrasive precision tools for advanced milling operations


T-Tool system showed a good grinding ability in high performance processes (high wheel speed, high material removal rates) and in roughing grinding processes. These applications are considered to have the most potential for industrial T-Tool use.
The system showed problems when high work surface quality is demanded (general problem of interrupted cutting processes) over a long grinding time. Dressing and truing processes have to be developed for this tool system to ensure constant results during tool life. Furthermore, bond adhesion and bond wear have to be improved to ensure long tool life. To increase the bond grip of super abrasives and the grip of super abrasive layer to the core alternative plating processes (e. g. infiltrating, chemical plating) should be investigated on their suitability for the T-Tool system.

Although the achieved results can not be considered to be the final ones, they represent a good basis to continue development of this innovative tool system in the future.
The aim of this project is the development, design and the production of new side milling cutters, which are expected to become an alternative to traditional cutters. The unusual feature of this tool is the use of diamond or polycristalline cubic boron nitride (PCB) abrasives. which the tool's teeth are coated with using a special geometry The geometric form and coating of the teeth guarantee an extraordinary wear resistance of the tool and a very good surface finish of the workpiece. The machining potential of this tool will be examined in practical tests with workpieces made of tungsten carbide, ceramic and cermets. Other tests will be carried out regarding milling conditions which will be improved and made to suit specific situations using necessary modifications Recommendations for the use of the tool in practical applications will be derived from these tests as well We can expect to see benefits not only for the manufacture. of the tools and components for hard and brittle material. but also for the new milling tool manufacturer, where a new field of application can be introduced, provided the cutter's potential is superior to that of conventional cutters.

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