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Development of a cooling process for heating components in electronic & other systems by a new heat absorption technology in porous environment


The objective of the research is to conceive a new cooling system in order to cool heating components in electronics, in porous environment, replacing piezo electric effects or fans which are actually used. To do so, the principle is that an appropriated liquid is stocked in a special porous component implemented at a given distance nearby the heating components which must be cooled. This liquid vaporises at the given temperature and its vapour has a calculated capacity of heat absorption and, for a space it cools the heating components in a given time. Then with even a small decrease of temperature this vapour returns to its liquid form and is absorbed again and continuously by the porous component (capillarity). The potential business of the concerned new performant cooling system is directly linked to this tremendous market of electronics included in end-user products, like cars or other household goods, for instance . Considering both economical and technological aspects, developing such technologies and prototypes with tests and experiments is too much complicate and risky without the contribution of major RTDs . The here after SMEs French and English specialist in heat absorption and isolation of electrical or electronic systems have complementary experiences and know how. Envisaging the here project, especially considering the R&D means required to achieve it correctly they have concluded they have not enough R&D means to go alone into without getting an unreasonable risk. So they have decided to set up a cooperative R&D program and to ask the contribution of EC., RTDs and eventually of other concerned proposers

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Metafix S.A.

80500 Montdidier