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Non-toxic, non flammable, recyctable composite in shipbuilding element


We have developed a material, which is possible to use like polyester resin, but it do neither burn nor it is not toxic ( any component) nor includes petrochemicals. The aim of this project is based on this material to develop Non-toxic, Non flammable, Recyctable Composite used in shipbuilding elements. The authorities insist on the firesafety of the interior materials. When the demands become stricter, it is essential to develop new materials, because it is not possible to use the old ones. To day the only certified wall elements in ships are made from two short steel sheet coated with PVC and a mineral wool in the middle glued to each other called steel casets. They are heavy and old-fashioned. Therefore it is a necessary to develop a new certified wall element in ships - shipyards insist it.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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