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Drying of tanned skins by means of a microwave endogenous heating system


During tanning processes (vegetable or chromium) it is necessary to eliminate as quickly as possible the washing or dyeing water that is mechanically withheld by the fibres of the skin. Current drying processes such as drip-drying, hot air flux drying, pressure and vacuum drying, take a long time and deeply condition the whole tanning cycle. The purpose of the research is the characterisation of an innovative drying cycle, based on MW methodology, which permits to reach the following industrial aims, of obvious interest for companies who work in this field: - reduction of drying time; - reduction of energetic needs; - required space reduction; - superior quality of finished product. The research project foresees the planning, carrying out and optimisation of a pilot plant capable of operating with a continuous cycle, with a high automization degree, and with different types of skins (dimensions, tanning cycle performed etc.). Skins will be dried with innovative endogenous method (in contrast with various traditional exogenous methods) by means of the action of various microwave emitters (number, typology and placing will be accurately examined) which operate in a special drying area continuously reached by the materials to be treated. A suitable monitoring system of the evaporated substance will permit a strict treatment control and a higher product quality.

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