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Generation of design criteria of footbeds for the european population


The design of footwear footbeds implies a great design challenge The user expects a high degree of comfort when using footwear which incorporates a footbed The design of the footbed must, first of all, take into account the anthropometrical measurements of the feet of the population it is intended for In this way, the positions and dimensions of elements as heel cups, arch supports or metatarsal bumps should agree with the foot dimensions of the population Anyway, this "agreement" cannot be established directly from the raw measurements, it must be based on the study user's perception and scientific measurements The main objective of the project is the generation of criteria for the design of footwear footbeds based on the podometric dimensions and preferences of the European population and the application of these criteria to the design and construction of footbeds To achieve this objective the following tasks must be accomplished anthropometric characterisation of the feet of different groups of European population, market research to determine the whole range of applications of an improved footbed design to different types of footwear, research on the fabrication processes and study on the selection of materials that could be used to improve the performance of the footbed, with emphasis in the natural and environmentally friendly procedures and materials also, the accomplishment of biomechanical laboratory and comfort tests will be required with the results of these tests there will be obtained the necessary information to try to relate the dimensions, positions and material of the different elements (arch supports, heel cups, ) usually included in this type of footwear to the anthropometrical data and to observe how the design influences the comfort On the basis of these scientific results, the participation industrial partners will be able to adapt their products to the special requirements of the footbeds for every population it is intended for, thereby contributing to increase the level of comfort and foot health of the consumer

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