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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Development and optimisation of processing technologies for the production of dustless grainy biomass granulated material


The project aims at developing and optimising processing technologies for the production of dustless, grainy biomass granulated material and to test it with regard to its suitability for production. In this way, an economically efficient production of defined granulated material consisting of a mixture of organic and inorganic components is to be achieved, while at the same time ensuring that the value-giving contents of the individual components are not affected through processing with regard to their impact. The scientific and technical objective of the project is the development and optimisation of machine parts and their coating for economic processing of the mixtures. The development of the form-giving machine parts as well as tests regarding their coating will be in the centre of the trials. The developed form-giving machine parts and their coatings will subsequently be tested with regard to their process aptness. As known from other economic branches, a modified surface design of the pressing tools can reduce, for instance, the thermal stress on the material to be processed. Concurrently, the edge life of the coated tools can be increased tenfold. The results of these tests are supposed to enable companies to select as quickly and efficiently as possible both the suitable form of the tool inserts and their coating according to the mixtures to be processed.

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