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Restoration of stone objects using computer technologies


It is the objective of the proposed research to create a system, RESTORE, capable of performing 8 complete restoration of monuments in stone, which typically have been subject to erosion by our environment or just by the ravages of time. Development work will comprise the following elements: the overall architecture of the system, a process chain for a complete restoration, a prototype of a mobile laser scanner, including application software to capture the exact geometry of the object and a CAM software to generate a set of data to control a machine tool to mill a new object. The process suggested when performing restoration work, is in three steps: I) the eroded artwork is restored on site by means of wax or clay, applied by an artisan or artist. 2) a laser scanning of the artwork is performed on site, using the mobile scanner to be developed in the project. 3) a new piece of rock is machined by means of a CNC- controlled milling machine and is subsequently replacing the original The project is proposed by two industrial SMEs: an Italian company in the stone industry and a Danish innovative industrial SME, specialised in high tech equipment to the this industrial segment. Additional Industrial Partners should either be of type end user or technology provider. The RTD partner which has yet to be selected should have specific knowledge within sensors technology, advanced 3D geometry computing or machining of stone materials.


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