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Waste stream recycling in rubber manufacturing


Whereas rubber products are recognised for their quality and durability, the image of the industry which makes them may be less than good. Rubber factories are often characterised by multiple stacks and a release of dirty malodorous fume. Whilst such exhaust systems are necessary to provide a safe working environment, their bulk and fixed location limit operational flexibility and ultimately the opportunities for business expansion. investment may be delayed, abandoned, or even directed elsewhere. A research programme is proposed to address the possibility of the capture and recycling of vulcanisation fume. Fume capture within the factory will be evaluated utilising different configurations of trapping media which will include granulated production scrap. The impregnated scrap so obtained will then be evaluated for its potential for re-use in existing production, effectively recycling both the scrap and the fume. This innovative programme will encompass studies of rubber granulation, fume characterisation, and methodologies for trapping and recycling within a rubber production environment. By putting such studies on a quantitative basis, methodologies may be optimised so that a prototype unit for workplace fume capture results.

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Harboro' Rubber Co Ltd
St mary's road
LE16 7EE Market harbrough
United Kingdom

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