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Intelligent process control for ratational moulding


The main aim of the project is to develop a superior, intelligent, online control capability in the European rotational moulding industry. This will help increase the competitiveness of the sector and its capacity to innovate using new and recyclable materials, and allowing for a higher quality process with greater precision. The scientific and technical objectives are as follows: To build a database of the effects of changes in ambient temperature and humidity on the processing of a range of polymers; To develop a system for obtaining on a continuous basis the temperature of the polymer inside the mould at all stages of the process; To combine the database and monitored polymer temperature into user friendly software to control the rotational moulding process.


Rototek Ltd
29,Millgate 29
NG24 4TR Newark
United Kingdom

Participants (1)

M 1 Design Sarl
Naudinet Nord
47260 Castelmoron Sur Lot