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Process development for productive uses of rejected mussel shells as a calcium source and as inert material


The objectives of this research proposal are the determination of the value and optimum level of inclusion of mussel shell meal in breeder and laying hen ration as a Calcium source the development and the standardisation of an applicable system where drying and sterilisation of the mussel shells is done followed by crushing the shell to optimum size. Alternative uses of the crushed mussel shell will be investigated such as for use for soil aeration and drainage and as recycling powder in sea waters as feed to plankton. The development of such process will aid in eliminating a big environmental problem having to do with the rejection of the mussel shells in rubbish hips in mussel growing countries by providing for productive uses of the shells.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Sunny Farm (Hatcheries)
57200 Thessaloniki

Participants (1)

Caravan Mill AB
Dala Tomten
520 50 Stenstorp