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Full field high resolution industrial 3D-microtopography


The research project deals with the measurement and the control of surface roughness on any type of material. Material roughness is often at the root of important applications in many industrial sectors: metallurgy aerospace, automobile, glass, biology, electronics, plastic, etc., where on one hand material roughness is necessary or unavoidable, and on the other hand it needs to be perfectly controlled for efficiency or security purpose. Recent developments in optical roughness sensing open the door to sizable progress in industrial control, with direct impact on product performance/quality and on enterprise competitiveness. The project is about cooperative research for the development of a new type of roughness sensor to allow surface microtopography with accuracy and speed performance levels compatible with industrial requirements for 100% control, and for the adaptation of this basic sensor to industrial applications in four areas: luxury product packaging, glass manufacturing in ophthalmology, high-precision mechanics, medical and paramedical engineering. Specific objectives are to provide instantaneous measure of the microtopography of a surface of any material located within a volume of (x, y, z ) = 670 x 500 x 250 cubic micrometers, with resolutions of 1 micrometer in the x and y axes and of 0.01 micrometer in the z axis, acquisition time less than 1 second, with incoherent white light and CCD matrix detector Another goal of the intended research is to conduct preliminary studies in view of setting standards in optical surface microtopography techniques.


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