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Development of an evological lubricant for moulding and cutting applications


Lubricant play a key role in the drilling and forming process, and mineral oil containing chloroparaffines are actually used. The performance of this lubricant is good but from environmental point of view has some drawbacks: Contains environmentally hazardous substances as chlorinated paraffin C10-C13 (chlorine content 40% weight). Acute toxicity DL50/oral rat > 2g/kg, Marine pollutant: PP Skin irritating, > 200°C traces of hydrogen chlorine gas Risk of transformation in PCB at medium to high temperatures. The objective of this project is to develop an environmentally friendly lubricant optimising its forming and cutting (drilling) properties. Then the physico-chemical requirements of the oil also will be improved by means of this project development: Actual technical requirements: . Melting point: 40-60°C, Flash point > 150°C New product technical requirements: Melting point: 70-100°C, Flash point: 200-300°C New environmental requirements: Biodegradable lubricant > 70-80% CEC-L-33-A-93, Minimum toxicity


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