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New packaging for high capacity ice-cream(0,75 TO 1 LITER)


The aim of the project is to develop through the using of polypropylene instead of cardboard or polystyrene, a new type of packaging lighter, cheaper and with a new folding-down process to obtain less volume to transport and a better recycling usage. Many technical advantages, such as good rigidity ,easy to open, good tightness for locking and reusing again make this product an innovative solution for ice-cream reusable packagings. The production cost reduction not including the transportation reduction costs will reach a level of approximately 20 to 40%. RTDS means are indispensable to determinate the best solution regarding the folding-down operation of the ice-cream box . The technologies for improving the quality and the reliability of this packaging have to be combined in order to take into consideration the whole life cycle of this large volumes boxes.


Rouxel SA
23,Rue De La Gaudrée
91410 Dourdan

Participants (1)

Avamoplast SA
9160 Lokeren