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Research & development for the creation of a new multi-technology (asynchronous and synchronous) and multi-users technology (50/60HZ) rotary-alternator


The main goal of this project is to create a single product with a new mechanical, electrical and electronic characteristics : -the integration of multi technologies (frequencies, synchronous, asynchronous), -the development of unique technology for a new control unit for the engine and the alternator togethers, -the development of steel specific components to increase specific output powers by decreasing weight. This new rotary motor-alternator would replace 4 existing, high weight, and unskilled existing technologies and this new integration would be a big step for present a new industrial applications. The study and creation of 3 prototypes of the new alternator (50, 60, and 50/60 Hz on synchronous-asynchronous combined technology) and of 3 new control unit electronic systems (50, 60, and 50/60 Hz), and studies on steel components would be the core of this research for the development for a new compact, energy-saving, ergonomic, multi users and multi technology alternator to be used in aeronautics, ground transport and industrial (power generators....) fields. The SME proposers - manufacturers of electronic automatisms and traditional alternators - would be interested to contribute to this project and work with RTDs dedicated to : study and specifications of the prototypes, performing tests of the prototypes, and study of new steel components.

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Schabmuller Gmbh
8,industrie strasse 8
92334 Berching-sollingries bach

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