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Development of a new high speed process for manufacturing inverted cone cup with a coated board suppressing dangerous present wax use for food packaging


The whole production of "yaourt" packaging is produced on quick industrial assembled lines at an actual average speed of 2500 cartons per hour. The development project focuses on a three fold increase of the speed production, and to use an existing raw material, cardboard coated with polyethylene, suppressing any paraffin coating process operation Using this polyethylene in sheets before stamping means to reverse the technical operating system in inverting the body of the cone: the small orifice at the top,the large orifice at the bottom, allowing to the yaourt maker to fill up the cone by the top generating less lactic ferments reactions . The innovation results in the integration of a new raw material for fresh yaourt product and to add a new technique in an industrial standard production process which will allows to the manufacturer of yaourts more productivity on its product lines. Main advantages, apart process speed and economical benefits, are: development of environmental progresses because it is more simple to eliminate the polyethylene material rather than the cardboard coated with the paraffin. amelioration of quality of the products, less lactic fermentation process _ amelioration of working conditions of workers in the industrial SME sites (specifically by suppressing the paraffin operations dangerous for health)

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Tulipia SA
5,Rue Marie Poussepin
91410 Dourdan

Participants (1)

Mashinenfabrik Rissen Gmbh
22552 Hamburg