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Development of a processing technology producing new pistons to reduce hydraulic motors prices


The development project concerns the application of new techniques in processing Pistons for Hydraulic motors on automatized or semi-automatized production lines . This new technology aims to reduce the costs production of Pistons to give more competitivity and more power to this kind of motor comparing to traditional thermic motors. Hydraulic motors now cost more than traditional thermal engines, but they present some technical advantages as concerning their fluidity due to the possible controls on each transmission wheel. and are very useful for agricultural sector for the tractors vehicles, for fishing sector with the fishing nets winches and for elevators vehicles . The industrial objectives are clear in terms of reduction of costs (a piston is 15% of the engine price), of time processing, introduction of flexibility in the process . and the new development will also include an automatic capture of pieces by the mean of articulated captors as well as new experiments in deburring system using electrodes and suppressing dangerous tasks such as grinding with emery. The new type of Pistons to produce is not actually being developed in EC, but in Japan (TMK), but at our knowledge the resulting prices have not been cut down enough. All of these industrial objectives must converge towards minimizing the prices of Hydraulic Motors to compete with thermal motors products. This development will ensure more competitivity and more flexibility to adapt more easily the typology of Pistons depending of the market demand .

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