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Communication standard for the linking of CAD/CAE software with welding robots in the shipbulding industry for small and medium sized vessels


One of the problems that construction firms, making small series or custom made projects face with the introduction of welding robots in manufacturing is the missing of a communication standard for the linking of CAD/CAE software with welding robots. For the small and medium sized shipyards the automation of production tasks is an important mean to realise good quality in a most efficient way. For simple tasks welding machines are already available for some years. For complex tasks, including moulded shapes, no good and cost effective solutions are available. In this project a communication standard will be developed using parametrics defined in the CAD/CAE software.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Scheepswerf van Diepen BV
9609 PA Waterhuizen

Participants (1)

Naval Gijon SA
34,Mariano Pola
33212 Gijon