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Content archived on 2024-04-30

New heating techniques in materials for the production of automotive interiors (floor,carpets, headliner, luggage compartment, package tray...)


In the production of automotive interiors it is necessary a heating phase for the materials in order to mould them afterwards, to obtain the moulded parts to furnish the interiors or a car, a truck or any other motor vehicle. The present heating systems for the moulding of automotive interiors do not meet anymore the continuous evolution in materials enforced by the car manufacturers to reduce weights and costs, to increase the use of recycled material and to meet the condition of full recycling at the end of life. These heterogeneous, multi-layer and mainly recycled materials require optimised heating processes according to the material features. In several applications we faced the need to integrate in one process more known technologies, such as contact heating together with forced hot air circulation, or, contact heating together with infrared (I.R.) irradiation. This is presently obtained using two separate station in one line, while one of the targets of this research is to concentrate in one single station more heating technologies.

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