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Radar for tunnel drilling track survey


Drilling is increasingly important as a construction method for tunnels. At present only very limited information is available on the conditions of the drilling track, drilling is performed "blindly". Aim of the project is to develop a survey system, based on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The survey system will obtain real-time information on the conditions and geological characteristics of the drilling track and detect obstacles up to 40 metres ahead of the actual drill head. The development will consist of the enhancement of existing technologies, such as borehole GPR, radar analysis software and drilling equipment plus an adequate system development. Main challenge is the development of a directional radar to facilitate 3-D radar survey in order to obtain 3-dimensional data through a single radar head. This project makes an attractive opportunity for the partners in the consortium to develop a highly needed powerful survey instrument for a rapidly growing market and to create a profitable extension of products and services for each of the consortium partners.

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