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Novel analytical electron microscope for basic and industrial research


The novel analytical electron microscope to be developed in this project will be based on a patented new principle called double-reflection-electron-emission microscope (DREEM). This method provides a resolution about 20 nm, in-situ electron diffraction for geometrical microanalysis and in-situ electron spectroscopy for chemical microanalysis. The DREEM can image the distribution of a selected element very fast, in favourable cases even with video frequency. This is principally impossible using any other existing technique. The goal of this project is twofold: First, a prototype instrument of the DREEM shall be developed and second, the applications of the new microscope shall be explored by research partners from different disciplines (materials research, surface physics, nanotechnology, analytical chemistry, biology, medicine).

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Focus Gmbh
20,Am Birkhecker Berg
65510 Hünstetten

Participants (2)

ABCOM Electronic
28,Naumburger Strasse
04229 Leipzig
Varian Vacuum Products SpA
Via Varian 54
10040 Leini Torino