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High performance cutting edge materials


Sharp edges and long tool lifes are essential for the economy of the cutting process. Advanced powder manufacturing technology combined with surface coating by laser can be used to manufacture cutting edges with outstanding qualities on inexpensive base materials. Powder technology and laser surfacing makes it possible to tailor make surface properties to exact requirements. The laser clad process implies short interaction time and high rates of solidification which can produce unique high quality materials that cannot be produced with conventional technology. The objective of this co-operative project is to develop cutting edge materials adapted to laser surface coating and with life expectations exceeding, at least 5 times, those of conventional materials. The innovative step in the proposed research is the combination of tailor-made powder mixes of metals and metal-compounds, controlled laser induced melting and subsequent instant solidifying. This constitutes the necessary prerequisites to produce surface coating materials with quite unique properties. The project is aimed to develop technical and economical conditions for production of cutting edge tool materials with laser surface treatment technology and using materials specially adopted to this process. Wasteful use of recourses will be prevented by this new technique that will only use small amounts of expensive alloying additives. Small volumes of metal powder added only where it is needed is the basis for optimised material. The total cost is estimated at 598 kECU and will be completed within a 24 month programme consisting of laboratory trials with new material and treatment combinations and concluded with field tests of the cutting to under strictly controlled circumstances.


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