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Luxotherm - Development of an innovative provess for economically and ecologically disposing of cooling lubricant waste


Cooling lubricants/oils are found in a variety of applications and are particularly found in use in cutting processes such as drilling, milling or grinding. The large amounts of used lubricants (around 1 million tonnes are generated every year in Germany alone) as well as increasing disposal costs mean that cooling lubricants are of great importance for manufacturers both economically as well as ecologically. The cutting processes are among the most common processing techniques, not only in Germany but also across the whole of Europe. The need for environmentally and economically viable disposal of these materials is of particular importance in the automobile, engineering and plant manufacturing industries. The process planned here represents a chance for decentrally disposing of cooling lubricants and thereby significantly reducing the transportation costs previously associated with disposal. The majority of the output products from the recycling process can also be reused as secondary raw materials (approx. 95%); a small amount of the waste product (approx. 1%) is inert and can be disposed of without further treatment. Suitable partners will be selected in order to ensure that the lubricant lifecycle is dealt with comprehensively so that this concept can be successfully implemented.

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