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Study and development of new cutting technology and integration, automation of the multi-processes of quality shoe fabrication


The project concerns the study and the development of new techniques in processing in order to produce high quality shoes on automatized or semi-automatized production lines . This new technology aims to reduce the costs production of this specific shoe production with quicker and more flexible process for various series and very different range of products concerning men and women shoes . Important reductions of raw materials are focused in using new cutting technologies with possible suppression of stenciling and belt punch activities and we would like to point out on a new scanner placing technology with leather skin internal defects recognition . A deep audit of the actual procedures have to be conducted in order to reorganise all the human tasks and to optimise by means of mechanical production lines productivity to compete with the Asian products and to enhance volumes in high quality shoes in Europe markets . A special attention will be paid to the quality controls and procedures during the process to ensure a high quality of the products which is the value added of SMEs trade mark . To day the high quality shoes market is the resultant of many old technical practices made by hand, of many different steps to make the shoes and to introduce new technologies, new processes to produce more at affordable prices will be of great interest for all the European countries and the SMES partners.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Société Romanaise De La Chaussure
Rue Pierre Curie
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Alpim Fabrica de Calcado Lda
Além Do Rio
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