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Creation of a new pressure (300 millibars) micro-ceramic regulator, suppressing present spring and diaphragm technologies, for respiratoryassistance


The aim of the workprogramme will be to improve an existing display capable to equalise the air pressure and the oxygen pressure automatically and we are aiming to an equilibrated mixture of the two gases, with a perfect precision, at the entry of the following processing unit (the mixer of gases) of the breathing assistant machine The generator and the mixer displays have been recently updated by major technical improvements. On the opposite side the systems to balance the pressures are still using the same old technology Iying on flaps and film (diaphragm) and this technique stays the same since more than twenty years and today that is not enough competitive and efficient and the diaphragm has to be changed every 1200 hours to avoid a prematurated dangerous ageing of this piece . In the social field the fact to prevent the risk of failure of the artificial respiration device represents an evident health economy concerning the reduction of troubles for patients The new technique involves the usage of the micro-stones ceramic operating system this new system would be composed of an axis with a ceramic treatment, sliding with the air flow through the holes inside this axis and then getting out and pushing the rubber cloth towards the lower pressure side with vibrating and dilatation effects to equilibrate naturally the two gas chambers.


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