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Creation of a new fully conducting thermoplastic polymeric for aeronautics, electronics and telecommunications industries


Electronic industries everywhere in Europe (EC directive no 89 /336) are obliged to respect severe limits as regarding the electromagnetic radiations and they must control accurately that the products have no interference with the other electronic products by the means of radiationshielding integrated in their products. These industries use massively plastic boxes molded by thermo-injection process which are at the moment doubled with metallic pieces for conducing electricity and to ensure electromagnetic protection by Faraday effect, as plastic is not conductive by itself. . The aim of the research project is to create a new conductive thermoplastic polymeric material processed by injection moulding for multiple usages such as insulating boxes for electrical and electronic appliances A fundamental research on plastic electromagnetic characteristics and the conception of a conductive polymer molecule will be very necessary in the project to demonstrate the possibility and the reality of this programme. As for the marketing of this new material, it is realistic to say that existing markets such as aeronautics industry, telecommunications (modems) and everywhere in the insulating boxes where the electromagnetic effects may cause problems, are interested in those developments. Moreover a non existing demand will occure in various sectors.

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