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Investigation of ceramic membranes for ozone/oxygen separation


Ozone is one of the strongest oxidising media. It is used a.o. for contaminant-oxidation inindustrial and local drinking and waste water treatment (ground water and drinking water purification, leachate treatment, industrial waste water treatment, process water recycling), for waste gas or exhaust air treatment and for bleaching in the pulp-, paper- and textile industry. Ozone is by the factor 1,5 more effective than the predominantly used oxidant chlorine. Ozone which is decomposed to oxygen does not produce any contaminating substances whereas chlorine produces salt contents and partly also chlorinated hydrocarbons in the oxidised media. The major obstacle for a significantly larger spreading of ozone technology are the high ozone production costs. On the one hand high energy is used to produce comparatively low quantities of ozone and on the other hand a large amount of initial high-purity oxygen is needed of which only a small fraction (3-13 weight-%) can be converted to ozone. The objective of this project is to reduce the energy required to produce an ozone-gasstream with a high ozone concentration and simultaneously reduce the oxygen consumption. The ozone containing gas will be produced from oxygen at the energy optimal operating point of the ozonizer by the conventional way of silent electrical discharge. The ozone portion will then be separated and upgraded by ceramic gas membranes and the not converted oxygen will be recirculated to the ozonizer. Because Europe is world's leader in the production of ozonizers (about 75%) and the consumption of ozone (about 50%) it is the paramount interest of the European producers and users of ozone technology to further develop the performance of modern ozonizers, i.e. the economic efficiency of the production of high concentration ozone gas. Thus, the competitiveness of ozone technology, which for various applications represents a non polluting alternative compared with the AOX-generating chlorine technology, is significantly increased.

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