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Modular benchmarking concept for small and medium enterprises

Exploitable results

Benchmarking describes the comparing of organisation units, processes and products. Benchmarking shall show target quantities for the permanent improvement process. Special chances and so far unknown improvement potentials can be found by the examination of non-branche Benchmarking-objects. In actual practice, the using of the benchmarking method is time extending and cost-intensive because of the often difficult comparability. Furthermore, problems in the field of comparability can lead to misinterpretations when analysing the benchmarking results. For solving these problems, a new possibility of measuring the efficiency of the value creating processes in a company indirectly with the help of enabler processes was developed. Enabler processes are defined as follows [Nies_98]: Enabler processes are processes which enable a company to perform, sustain and permanently improve their value creating processes. Enabler processes are at their optimum when they enable a company to sustain their core competencies and to achieve constantly new core competences. The benchmarking of enabler processes is especially advantageous because the enabler processes of different companies are in contrast to the value oriented business processes very similar. Building up on this new method, parameters for measuring these processes were created and - to avoid problems with the comparability - defined. These parameters were integrated into a database, that was developed to help the participating partners - widely automatisated - taking up their individual parameters at the companies. Finally this database was implemented at all of the participating companies. In line with this implementation a second version of this database was built up, covering all the improvement suggestions from the users of the first version. This second version is more comfortable and more user-friendly as the first one and so this new database makes it easier for new companies to participate the benchmarking group. The taken up benchmark values get sent regularly to the benchmarking contact point, where the data of all companies get evaluated. The results are shown as charts that are published on the internet. Only the participating companies get access to these charts.