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Development of new cutting technology for production of construction materials - bricks, tiles


SHAPECUT Development of a new cutting technology for the production of advanced ceramic construction materials (bricks, tiles, . .) Industrial needs. The cutting systems of brick and tile manufactures are placed at the output of extrusion in the manufacturing process and are used to cut pasty clay. The technical evolution of these lowperformance tools can go no further. Industrialists are consequently looking for a solution which will enable them to improve cutting quality while increasing productivity, but, most of all, which will meet the new needs of professionals of the building trade. The current trend is, in fact, advanced products used, for instance, for male-female interlocking.Professionals are willing to invest immediately in a new system capable of executing these new complex cutting shapes. Oriqin and structure of the partnership. The project was instigated by NEIFFEL Technologies in Toulouse, the "rose red" city in the South West of France where brick remains the prime building material. An analysis of the needs of industrialists in Mediterranean countries (Portugal, Greece, Italy and France) has revealed the need for these small- and medium-sized companies to conduct research into new cutting systems. This technological progress will, in addition to the durability of these companies. ensure their immediate development. A machine tool manufacturer in a highly underdeveloped rural area who, as a result of the massive drop in orders from his main customers (civil aviation, military and shipbuilding sectors), wishes to diversify his markets, is a participant in the program. The research experience of the Mechanics/Physics Materials Department of the Ecole Centrale in Lyons, the know-how of the Greek CERECO and Portuguese CTCV research centres specialized in ceramics and the experience in synthesis of NEIFFEL Technologies are proof that all the necessary skills for undertaking such a project are combined. Obiectives of the research proqram. The objective of this project is, for the most part, research into the definition of a cutting element based on an abrasive, rotating, metal-alloy, wire loop which withstands strong operating stresses (speed, fatigue). The other part of the research consists in developing 3D displacement of the cutting tool with its support. Expected results Initially for industrialists there is a 15-20% gain in productivity in the manufacture of existing products (increase in the daily operating time) and secondly, an improved cutting quality (aspect) with no distortion of the product (quicker assembly in the construction phase). At the same time, with the same cutting system, brick and tile manufacturers can use this new process to manufacture new products with complex profiles such as an accurate male-female interlock which their customers are now waiting for. A machine which integrates this new process will be industrialized in the future by the main partner in the proposal, Sud-Ouest Systeme, which will consequently have the opportunity of extending its markets.

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