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Content archived on 2024-04-30

A new process for powder painting of wood and wood based materials


The objective is to develop an environmental adapted process for painting flat and profiled MDF-materials. The process must meet very high demands both on producing high quality surfaces and on productivity. The reason for that is, that the new process must be able to compete, for a long time, with the processes used today which can meet all these demands but the environmental demand. The process shall be based on at most two layers of powder paint and no layer of wet paint. The approach is to optimize each of the different main areas influencing quality, costs and process time. The main areas are paint, substrate, painting process (including curing) and grinding. Low curable powder paints will be focused, especially UV-curable powder paints. Even though powder painting on wood and wood based materials have been investigated a lot throughout the last years, no break-through have been achieved. The chances for success are bigger in this project because firstly a lot of the experiences achieved earlier will be able to use in this project and secondly because the efforts will be concentrated against only one type of substrate (MDF) and on UV-curable powder paints. Beside that the consortium will be able to cover all key technologies and resources will be allocated adaptively during the project to those of the four areas (paint, substrate, painting process and grinding) which will give best return per "invested" man-hour.

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