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Quality measures for reed-manufacturers and weaving mills

Exploitable results

One of the results of the project is the creation of the test certificate for reeds. Based on the requirement profile for the measurements of reeds (cf. Result 1) and a questionnaire send to 600 European weavers a test certificate has been elaborated and created. This test certificate contains the results of the measurement of the different features which are import for a good reed quality and demonstrate consequently the quality of the measured reed. The test certificate contains also a quality label for reeds. Such a quality label protects the European reed industry against imports from other countries and is a possibility to increase the low export rate by a higher product quality. In the exploitation phase of the project the test certificate and the quality label will be disseminated and implemented in the market. Therefore the test certificate and the quality label enables the European loom producer and the European weavers to demonstrate that they use an equipment for their production of looms and fabrics based on a high quality level. Due to this they also can increase their market shares.
The first main deliverable and result of the project is the requirement profile for the measurement of the reeds. Up to the project the reed manufacturers were in no condition to make an objective, 100% control of their reeds. The measurements have done by subjective spot checks using insufficient methods. The requirement profile, elaborated in the project, contains 24 features and describes for the first time which feature is important for a good reed quality and how could these features be measured. For the measurement of the different features a test bench has built up. The test bench contains lasertriangulation sensors and a camera system. Measured features are faults as variation of dimension, as variation of form and faults caused by faulty operation. The requirement profile and the test bench enables now the reed manufacturers to measure their reeds in an enfolding and in an objective way. Therefore the reed manufacturers can implement a new standard of reeds and in the future new European policies for reeds.