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Heavy metal free waterborne anti corrosion coatings from intrincically conductive polymers


The main result is the development of a prototype primer with polypyrrole as the anticorrosive agent. The core-shell technology utilised, with the ICP as a thin film around the core, offers the possibility to keep the ICP content low. The type dopant used for the ICP plays a minor role. For commercialisation of the primer, further company related development of the combination primer - latex (containing ICP core-shells) - is expected in order to find the optimal binder, and to combine optimal paint properties with maximal corrosion protection. Development of the optimal combination of primer and topcoat, again within company related formulations, is the final step to a completely new, heavy-metal free anti-corrosion paint system. Further research, aiming at the optimisation of the protective (anti corrosion) properties of polypyrrole in combination with the coating composition would accelerate the time to market of these products and make them compete with existing products. This result also has higher environmental acceptability because of the absence of heavy metals.