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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Towards a New Generation of Coated Hobs


The objective of the project is to lay the technical base for the development of a new generation of HSS coated hobs suitable for high speed and dry cutting. These are the demonstrations of the feasibility of coated hobs, that can be used in dry cutting and coated hobs with a significant performance gain (at least tripling specific chip volume) over current products in lubricated cutting. The future European generation of hob coatings will be conceived for: - work in dry or marginally lubricated cutting, - display of a predictable wear, - cutting of tougher materials with higher specific chip volume, - recoating after resharpening with the same productivity after the different resharpening and recoating cycles. * One of more important industrial objective is the possibility to increase the hobs productivity with an improvement of cutting speed. * We can expect to reach with an innovative HSS coated hob a maximum value of Vt: 250 m/min corresponding a high improvement of chip volume / time, and a subsequent decrease of machining costs of about 30%. * A second industrial goal is to improve the roughness of the workpiece in direction to reduce the number of successive operations during the fabrication of gears, and to improve the quality of final products. This improvement can reduce the total production gear costs of about 5-10%. * An other industrial objective is the reduction (partially or totally) of lubrification (dry or near-dry machining) with a subsequent reduction of machining costs of about 14 -16%. Due to environmental, health, and economic considerations, there is a strong user demand to replace the coolant machining with a lubricant-free machining. The project is subdivided into 3 workpackages: - WP1: (preparation): the first wp is dedicated to prepare the ground for the development. It comprises four avenues:. - analysis and validation of the wear mechanism of hobs in the field test and the laboratory test.; - investigation and optimisation of bifunctional coatings combining 3rd generation industrial hardcoats with state of the art selflubricating coatings. - WP2: (exploration): the second wp is dedicated to exploration: - operationalization of a process for the deposition of metal reinforced ternary bichalcogenides ontest samples and analysis of their mechanical and tribological properties; - Laboratory tests of the new generation coatings perfected in the laboratory. - Optimisation of the bifunctional coatings with laboratory and field tests. -wp3: (industrial feasibility): the third wp will be dedicated to industrial feasibility of dry hobbing with a new generation of bifunctional coatings: It comprises scale up and integration of the coating processes for the selected avenues and extensive field and laboratory testing for the optimisation of the operational behaviour of bifunctional coatings in dry hobbing. It will be concluded by the final technical and economic report. Brite-Euram aims covered by the project are 1.2.2.M 1.2.3.S 2.1 and 2.3.

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