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Color and texture matching for wood panel in furniture industry


The purpose of SCANMATCH project is to develop a scanner for qualitative analysis of wood panels in order to match them before assembling pieces of furniture. Up to now, systems for wood analysis are dedicated to solid wood in order to detect defects before sawing or grading. Nowadays these systems don't take into account aesthetic parameters adapted to furniture industry requirements. Usually structural defects (Knots, cracks, wanes, ...) are eliminated before panelling, so the remaining problem to solve is to globally appreciate the look of wood pieces. For furniture manufacturers, a perfect matching is very important because it concerns directly the aspect of the final product. Aesthetic aspect of a piece of furniture is one of the main criteria for customers. To be able to solve the problem, it is important to take into account two characteristics which are not usually analysed by scanners: Colour and TextureNowadays colour cameras can get images from which colour and texture can be analyse, on the contrary image processing software are not yet able to give an appreciation of these characteristics. Main difficulties come from wood heterogeneity: colour and texture are rarely regular, so that even for a man it is difficult to make always an reliable decision. In addition, the current sorting software are not able to carry out complex matching as human operators can do. So it is necessary to develop a specialised matching software with which the user can parameterise its requirements for texture and colour. The advantage of this type of scanner will be to classify wood panels in order to obtain pieces of furniture with a regular and good looking aspect. This is very important because up to now, we mean with a manual matching, it was only after assembling that problems could be detected, and the whole piece had to be downgraded. One thing is unquestionable, furniture industry has waited for such a solution for years. The main axes of the research will be: - Studying analysis methods to point out colour and texture, - Developing software tools able to cope with industrial constraints. - Studying the mechanical part to automate matching and assembling wood panels

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