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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Nano free-rotor magnets for electronic components


This project addresses a totally new soft magnetic material suitable for magnetic cores for inductive components (electrical transformers, chokes and coils) and magnetic sensors. The new material consists in nanometric magnetic particles embedded into an organic and inorganic matrix compound. Using magnetic treatments the particles get mechanically free inside the matrix cavities. Then when we apply a weak external magnetic field the monodo- main particles rotate freely. A material containing free magnetic particles of this kind will have high permeability and extremely low losses at high frequencies. The scientific result has never been presented before. The project starts with a basic scientific idea and develops it quickly to achieve an industrial objective. Chemical synthesis will be carried out to obtain a composite with magnetic nanoparticles contained inside the matrix cavities. A magnetic treatment is needed to obtain the free rotation behaviour. In order to select the best compound, the chemical synthesis will be performed simultaneous to chemical, structural and magnetic characterizations of the materials: this will allow optimization of the chemical procedures. Then a process based on complex drying techniques and compacting procedures will be developed to obtain a material suitable for manipulation. A lab scale production of magnetic cores for electrical transformers and magnetic sensors will be exploited and a final circuital test will be performed. We will then develop a classification of the new materials obtained, according to their characteristics and main uses. The last task is the study of the problems related to the scaling up of a pilot plant from a lab-scale to an industrial production. The deliverables will be magnetic materials suitable for electrical transformers cores and magnetic sensors in a lab-scale quantity, the final deliverable will be the lab bench scale-up facility study to start up industrial production shortly after the end of the project.

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