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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development of a new range of modular integrated capture-extraction-filtration equipments for environmental protection in industrial SMEs


The Project development concerns the protection of the workers when they work in front of dangerous conditions of air breathing at their workstation. This may occur principally in the chemical environments, in the laboratories, and also in the industrial segments. We observe since a short time, that in the industrial SMEs the management is taking care of such problems of daily pollutions, but due to the lack of financial support, and due also to the difficulty to find out the right answers to the environment aggressions, the SMEs would be interested to find a simple and affordable protection system. To day, the reality of the market products availability is more oriented towards the equipment of the large companies such as the chemical industries which can spend more money for a safer and ergonomic work- stations for their employees. The aims are to design a new range of modular and integrated devices for answering, in good economic conditions, to the preoccupations of the very small, small and medium size enterprises. Actually, the Air-Filtration techniques are well-known individually facing approximately the different standard types of emanations and pollutions. But there is no high efficiency products, easy to produce, easy to install and capable to be efficient in various cases of aggressions. The present Filtration products are difficult to apprehend by the people because of a lack of right information, because of missing scientific studies on the subject for the main following reasons:- control of the time-life of the usage,- triggering of maintenance operations- quality controls and efficient measurements. The principal obstacle comes from the difficult operation of Capture the contaminated air in good operating conditions. Considering the present scientific knowledges in the Filtration available techniques, we do not expect any difficulty, the question is mainly to adapt techniques to a very useful Filtration system and to focus towards a large range of different applications. The Extraction activities linked with the modules of Capture and Filtration are well known and that is the latest and easiest operation to solve in this research programme. Giving a better quality in the protection of the human people working in unsafe conditions will contribute to enhance health and safety of the workers and, more widely, will allow a reduction of the social costs. Considering both economical and technological aspects, we are aiming to develop a new modular product improved with the up-dated technologies and materials, which should be too expensive and risky for the SMEs without the contribution of major Research Performers and E.C contribution.

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