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Research programme for the development of a new process for producing sugar from beetroot


Following an initial technical/economic analysis carried out jointly by the DELEPLANQUE and MAGUIN Companies in 1995, an attempt was made starting from the beginning of 1996 to verify the technical feasibility of a new simplified beetroot sugar production process which would offer small plants at sufficiently low cost to countries that have not yet developed a sugar refinery industry, and are incapable of making huge short and medium term investments in the construction of large plants. MAGUIN SA has been carrying out laboratory tests at ARD since 1996, and ARD has agreed to cooperate free of charge in a first stage, which has verified: - The juice quality obtained by pressing on a laboratory press - The possibility of clarifying this juice by adding small quantities of reagents to obtain a clear juice with a good flocculate settlement speed. Many laboratory experiments were made with different qualities of beets and comparison with the juice extracted from a conventional diffusion and juice purified in a beet sugar plant Chemical characteristics of juices were deeply analysed and compared in order to predict as precisely as possible the consequences on the quality of the end product. Considering the positive results obtained on lavoratory scale equipment, MAGUIN decided to make further investigations during the fourth quarter of 1996 in order to: - Select competent industrial partners having the technical and financial capability of developing the particular equipment required for the new extraction and purification processes. A discussion was conducted with each possible partner to preselect feasible technology in relation with their experience in other industries and determine the necessary developments to be carried on. - Define the contents and proceedings to be used for the experimentation programme to be conducted on a pilot plant in order to define as exactly as possible operation parameters and performances of these new processes and to collect the required technical information to design the corresponding industrial equipment - Make a theoretical survey of the technical risks involved by the new foreseen processes and of the overcoming possible solutions. - List the possible consequences of the new extraction and purification processes on the downstream sections of the sugar plant and to define the complementary tests to be carried to be able to guarantee the quality of the final product - Determine the basic expected advantages of the new processes in comparison with existing situation with a first very rough evaluation of the economical investment and operating interest in case of success. For this phase, MAGUIN worked in particular with the Engineering Company IGAS; a Company specialised in the process and modernisation of sugar plants to carry on these basic technical and economical surveys and to identify the potential industrial partners having enough experience in their field of activity to contribute actively to the developments considered. A preliminary understanding was achieved beginning of 1997 between the Proposers of the present cooperative research programme to unite their technical and financial capabilities to develop and in case of success to industrialise and to market this new small plant producing technology.

Funding Scheme

CRS - Cooperative research contracts


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