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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Enhanced design and manufacturing of high resistance casted parts


The industrial objective of this project is to develop a new computational system tor enhanced design and production ot wide range of high strength casted components. The new computer based system will be based on improved existing computer methods for simulating the casting process integrating new material models, detect prediction models and fatigue life prediction models. The computer system will be validated by means of extensive experimental testing. The following tasks will form the core of the project activities: 1. Development of material models within a unified constitutive model framework and a database to characterise the casting process of carbon and stainless steel alloys, aluminium alloys and high strength cast irons. 2. Development of new defect prediction models and a database based on microstructure evolution and enhanced continuum constitutive relations. 3. Integration of material and defect models into existing numerical simulation codes for prediction ot residual stresses and defects at the end of the casting process. 4. Development and experimental validation of new fatigue life prediction models and database. 5. Integration and implementation of a computer based system for enhanced design high of strength castings. The system will be available at the end of the project for use within the partner's companies. 6. Industrial validation of the new computer based system on selected high strength casted components including an excavator tooth (steel alloy) manufactured by Partner 1, two aluminium alloy automotive parts (including one suspension arm) manufactured by Partners 2 and 4, a stainless steel valve for a food production machine and a SG cast iron component for a hydraulic pump manufactured by Partner 3. A schematic view of some of the components to be analysed is shown in Figure 1. 7. Proposal of a design support methodology combining the computer system to be developed in the project and experimental testing for fatigue life prediction of high strength castings. The purpose of the partners is to exploit both internally and externally the computer based technology developed in the project. The industrial partners related with the casting sector predict that the average design time of high strength casted components could be reduced in 30% and that the collectively could save 4 MEcu within three years of using the new fatigue life prediction system. A fully operational commercial fatigue lite prediction package is expected to be available after two years of completion of the project and will be marketed by Partner 5. Spin off applications of the research include fatigue lilfetime predictions of other metal products manutfactured via forging, extrusion, rolling, stamping and compaction procedures.

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