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Expansion bolt


This proposal is prepared with the aid of an Exploratory Award, which included a Research Feasibility Study. The research proposal concerns an exciting development in anchor bolts, which challenges the vast array of traditional designs used in the market, through exploiting polymer technology. Anchor bolts are currently sold to Industry, in particular the Construction Industry. Anchor bolts are presently divided into three categories of fixing products: light, medium and heavy duty applications i.e. typical variation in applications can be from using anchor bolts for securing a simple wall bracket to securing a tightly toleranced structural fixing in a bridge. The anchor bolts are also made in a range of sizes namely M6 M24 with various specifications used to cover the demands of different loads and applications with regard to the base material they are being fixed into e.g. concrete, bricks, blocks etc. Material specification for these bolts varies, using predominantly 4 different grades of steel namely 5.8 and 8.8 steel zinc plated. Also 304 and 316 stainless steel. In addition to this another system is used which is known as chemical anchors, which is a combination of resin and metal. Generally 3 variations in length for each of the above specifications is also provided to suit the various thickness of parts which may be fixed. Unfortunately for all the people involved in the fixings market from specifiers and stockists through to end users the selection process can best be described as a bit of a headache i.e. What design do we choose? What grade of steel? Will it work in the application we have? However the SME proposers believe that further research into using a polymer based anchor bolt design, coupled with a rigorous test programme to validate the hypothesis, will provide the market with a 'universal' anchor bolt design. A universal design would mean an anchor bolt design being produced in a range of sizes between (M6 M24) which have a standard specification. These anchor bolts would be suitable for using in all 3 categories for fixing (i.e. Iight, medium and heavy duty) while also being equally suitable for using in the various building materials. The performance of the universal bolt will also exceed the properties such as tensile performance and edge and spacing distances which are used for measuring the performance of bolts. In addition to this a polymer based design will provide superior qualities with regard to vibration resistance, and being more stable than metal with regard to co efficient of expansion during thermal fluctuations in the weather. The Imperial College have provided assistance in developing the necessary research programme enclosed in this proposal. Their expertise and guidance will enable the SME proposers through undertaking the proposed research to verify claims. This will enhance the fixing industry through simplifying the selection process while providing the market with bolts that exceed the current bolts performance. Obviously the complexity of what the proposers research is trying to achieve is difficult and contains a certain amount of risk as to the attainability of the objectives. However this risk is well considered and justified by the encouraging research, feasibility study and enormous benefits that successful development will bring to the fixings market i.e. Universal product for fixings applications Better performing product e.g. tensile load, edge distance, spacing and ageing performance properties. Higher specification than most fixings used but at a competitive price to these and not the overpriced 'high spec'fixings currently sold in the market. Environmentally friendly packaging with less waste Reduced stock at merchants Simple selection process for fixings with proposed polymer based design.

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