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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Development of decontaminator / bed pan washer


When a person is confined to one's bed there is a need to have a bed pan. After use it must be washed and disinfected. At hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions in many of the EC countries this is done mechanically through some kind of a washing and disinfecting machine. ln the US and some other countries the normal way is to use a non recurrent bed pan. Globally, the most common way is that this is done manually by some of the staff at the hospital drain the urine/evacuation, wash and disinfect the bed pan. At hospital, nursing homes and similar institutions there are a great need to cut costs decrease hazards of transferring bacteria from the urine/evacuation and improve the working conditions for the staff` who must do this job. There is also a need to try to have a competitive replacer for the non recurrent bed pan that is frequently used in the US. and thereby reduce negative environmental impact. The overall objective is to develop a fast low cost bed pan washer which has a programme cycle time of 3,5 minutes a reduction with 50 70 %. There will also be substantial reductions in energy consumption The core group is developing the fast, low cost bed pan washer but is impeded by technical problems from accomplishing this developing project. These main problems to solve in this RTD project are: - a method to fill in steam from a steam generator fast without creating overpressure - a device that reduces the rotation velocity of the nozzles without changing the water pressure. - a method for balancing/optimising the parameters in a bed pan washer an electronic steering system The approach to meet the objectives is to commission the performer group to solve the problems through RTD in steam techniques, microbiology, chemistry, stress/strain, simulations, engineering processing models in co operation with the proposers by bench marking and tests of the innovations steps. Time table: RTD project 15 months. Exploitation of the results and developing of the product, 6 + 3 months. Experts calculate the European market to be around 15.000 bed pan washers per year. The proposers will patent, produce and sell these devices. This new product will start a new epoch in treatment of urine and evacuation at hospitals and institutions resulting in considerable economic, social and environmental improvements. The steam techniques can be used in many sectors multisectoral e.g. disinfection / decontaminations issues in food and pharmaceutical industries. This new technique will be valuable to a great number of SMEs, therefore the results will be disseminated to other SMEs, through articles in newspapers and via lRCs, branch organisations, Focal Points and Internet.

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