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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Towards a catalytic reactor system for removal of harmful aerial pollutants from manure processing facilities


The aim of the research project is to develop and test a prototype gas clean up system containing a dust removal device and a catalytic oxidation reactor for the removal of harmful aerial pollutants from exhaust air in manure processing facilities. The developed system will make the combination of animal manure treatment and exhaust air purification economically (minimal additional cost, long life) and ecologically (minimal waste products, re use of catalyst and energy, low emissions) feasible in agriculture. The project consists of the production and purchase of noble metal catalysts, the installation of a prototype catalytic demonstration reactor linked to an operational unit for big thermal drying/composting of pre dried poultry manure at a farm site, generate data about conversion efficiency and stability. The project aims to prove the feasibility of catalytic gas clean up combined with dust removal and heat regeneration. The objectives of the project comprise: - Construction of a catalytic oxidation reactor prototype to efficiently convert harmful aerial pollutants (ammonia, odour) present in exhaust air from manure processing facilities - Combination of the catalytic reactor with a filter device for dust removal to protect the catalyst - Minimize the energy requirements for pre heating the contaminated air through integration of the catalytic reactor with a heat exchanger - Reduction of ammonia emission by at least 90% through catalytic oxidation - Reduction of organic compounds (odour) by at least 75% through catalytic oxidation 6. Demonstrate performance in a prototype working in situ under practical conditions - Develop rules for scaling up to a system applicable for manure processing in general A further benefit coming from implementation of the proposed technology is that the distribution of airborne pathogens with exhaust air will be reduced due to the high temperature at which the catalyst operates. Application of this technology makes manure treatment through composting and big thermal drying environmentally friendly and sustainable. Reduced ammonia, odour, pathogen and dust emissions will significantly contribute to improvement of the environment.

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