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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Unburnt clay building products


Under this project a new family of building products UCBPs will be developed to answer the demand for a more sustainable way of building. It is estimated that these products cause less than 50 % of the environmental impacts compared to present day building materials with the same function. Apart of their environmental benefits industrialized manufacture of UCBPs can also help to lower the costs of building in the long run due to the cost of clay that can be supplied in practice free of charge from digging sites (street works etc.). The risk is not too high because there is a long tradition of using unburnt clay in building even in Europe and good quality clay is available in the whole Europe from the south of Spain to the north of Finland. Dissemination possibilities of the production technology are not limited by high investments but fragility and poor water resistance of the products and costs because of the long drying time have been obstacles for wider use of these products. To reach the acceptance of consumers of this new generation of UCBPs the main technical problems of the products and their production will be solved in this project by exploiting new innovations developed at the universities involved in the project. New additives such as paper and cellulose fibres and natural oils as well as new production techniques will be studied in a systematical product development. As choosing of clay should not cause long waits at street works etc. a simple and quick test method for clays quality will also be developed in order to be able to utilize this cost saving resource. Also the environmental values and indoor emissions will be studied using scientific tests. The RTD work will benefit equally all the target UCBPs (bricks, blocks, tiles, boards and plasters) their producers represent in scale from small to medium large manufacturers. Industrial wood fibre manufacturers are also involved in the project which will guarantee the availability of fibrous material for UCBP production. Product validiation to a wider audience after the completion of this 2 year research project will require by the industrial SMEs a further period of no more than 3 12 months prior to manufacture and subsequent commercial exploitation. The deliverable items will be prototype products and their manufacture processes for the target UCBPs and these results will be demonstrated in the informing & education phase of the project.

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