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Hemp as building material for energy efficient wooden houses


This proposal is prepared with the help of an Exploratory Award wich included a Research-Feasibility Study. In this project research will be done on hemp and wood, both renewable raw materials, as building material in the contruction of low energy wooden houses. The Focus will be the ecological aspect while renouncing chemical treatment and application of synthetic fibres in the insulation material made of hemp. New ways will be taken to get results, which correspond to the ecological and heath demands, e.g. the used hemp and wooden building material can be composted, will create a healthy climate for living, cause a reduction of the Co2 production and will avoid health risks for the workers in the construction industry. 8 SME from 5 countries (AT, DE, FR, FI and SLO) will take part in this project. The University of Technology of Graz is the prime RTD-performer and project coordinator. The RR&D Network is the second RTD performer. The SME act as deliver and user and will realise also diverse tests. The research institutions will investigate on the following topics: . Find the right harvesting time of hemp for getting the best quality. . The development of insulation material made of hemp and shives. . The examination of the building material and the building components. The different characteristics of the building material and the building components will be tested. . In the pilot projects different building materials of hemp and building components of hemp will be tested in practice. . The publication will be done by a final report and a catalogue of building components, which will be disseminated. This project will contribute to promote the market of building material made of hemp and also the construction of low energy wooden houses. New EU company partnerships will be established, which will have a positive influence on the community. It is very important for the research project to be realised on European level. As the climate standards, housing conditions and way of living are so different in the European countries, the participation of partners of five different countries will allow a result which is representative for the European standard.

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