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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Many-Body Theory of Correlated Fermion Systems


The network is intended to promote contacts among the different groups, to carry out common work on specialized and interdisciplinary subjects and to support the training of young researchers.

The main areas are:
- superfluidity and superconductivity,
- Fermion Systems at zero and finite temperature,
- metal clusters,
- heavy ion collisions.

Our project stresses the relation between subjects belonging to different areas and the benefit from a close collaboration between groups working on apparently different phenomena. It has been widely realized that similar correlation structures can appear in different fermion systems and a more interdisciplinary approach will be useful for understanding them.
Structural properties of alkali and carbon clusters have been studied as well as cluster cluster collisions. Important achievements have been obtained in the crossover from a Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer (BCS) superfluid state of nucleons to a Bose-Einstein condensate of deuterons, helium droplets and high critical temperature superconductors. Several aspects of the equation of state of nuclear matter such as some theoretical properties, the effect of including strange matter and Delta resonance and the relativistic effects on the saturation properties have been explained. Helium-3 helium-4 mixtures, edge waves in electron systems and quantum spin J systems are new subjects of particular interest. Some processes related to the nuclear structure such as excitation of collective states, alpha decay and fusion cross sections have been studied in terms of specific nucleon correlations. Finally, heavy ion collisions have been investigated on the basis of the transport model (extended to include particle-particle correlations and pair correlations) and from the point of view of chaotic motion.


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